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The true wealth of drylands

Investigators from 16 countries found that plant diversity has a major effect on the processes that regulate the functioning of drylands.

“Argentina is a major agricultural player”

It was stated by Alejandro Flores Nava, FAO representative in Argentina, Turing an exclusive interview with RIA. Science and technology for national development.

Thripidae seasonal variation in cherry orchards and associated vegetation in the Lower Valley of Chubut River, Argentina

Local weeds might offer refuge, nutrition, and breeding sites to thrips until the cherry blossom initiates. We
analyzed season appearance of Thripidae in flowers of weeds growing around cherry orchards in VIRCh.

Sunflower: better yields associated with best practices

According to a study by Argentine investigators, the adoption of best practices leads to higher yields.

Fire behavior in an Ecotonal Grassland of the Chaco region, Argentina

We wanted to assess the fire behaviour of an ecotonal grassland, a fire prone ecosystem native of the Chaco region, northwestern Argentina.

Evolution of the yield and other agronomic attributes in germplasm of Argentine commercial sunflower (1986-2006)

In Argentina, sunflower breeding led to constant genetic progress, resulting in better yields in every region where this crop was planted.

Development of site index functions for Eucalyptus grandis grown in the argentine Mesopotamia

Equations for the prediction of site index (SI) of Eucalyptus grandis planted in the Mesopotamia region of Argentina were developed.

Environmental health underway

Several countries are starting to implement environmental protection measures addressed to determine carbon footprint in commercialized products. Hazards and potential benefits for Argentina and the region. Borders do not exist when it comes to climate. Climate Change is real, tangible … (Read More )

2012: A year to cooperate

The coming year will be dedicated to the acknowledgement of cooperative work in the development of nations, as it does not only ensure an steady income but also strengthens social cohesion. They deserved recognition: they employ over 100 million people … (Read More )

The future of wheat

A consortium of countries are working together to improve this crop. Global food sovereignty is among the priorities.